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The road in Zion National Park, USA

Displaying maps in Astro (and maps resources)

Searching for a simple map solution.

Last summer we went on a family road trip in the USA with an RV. That was awesome! For fun and to keep everyone up to date at home, I wanted to create a travel blog ( with a map to show the route.

I wanted to build something with Astro and was very time limited. 😅 So I was looking for a simple solution to display a map. Because Astro works with all kind of components/frameworks, I thought it would be easy to drop-in an existing React component and then just go with it...

However, I quickly found out that it wouldn't be that logical to do that. Astro is all about static rendering and zero javascript, and that would not be the case with an interactive map. So loading the complete React library for just one component? 🤔 Preact (the 3KB React alternative) would be a better fit for this! And I could easily add other custom Preact components that would mostly render completely static with Astro.


Ultimately I implemented a simple Preact component with the Leaflet libary using OpenStreetMap. Mostly based on this answer on Then used the attribute client:only="preact" to render the component on the client-side. I had set it up as TypeScript component, and I had to import the component with the ".tsx" extension. Then it worked! 🥳

Example of the maps usage for our blog; a map with markers and a list of locations (Leaflet/OpenStreetMap)Map at

While I was looking for components and map solutions I also stumbled upon other nice map/location resources. So I just list them here mainly for myself but well, maybe it's usefull for others too! 😜

Useful React components

These are some of the components I tried before setting up the Preact component decribed above. ⬆️

Pigeon Maps (React/OpenStreetMap)
Started with this one in Astro, worked very well, a bit limited

React Simple Maps (React/d3-geo/topojson)
Tried it but it had old dependencies and warnings, so quickly moved to the next...

React Leaflet (React/Leaflet)
Worked, but was too much for this use case

Map providers

Google Maps


HERE maps


TomTom maps


Map libraries/frameworks

Leaflet (javascript library)



Mapbox GL JS

react-map-gl (React/Mapbox GL JS) (WebGL)

Maptalks (javascript)

Tangram (javascript/WebGL)


Library to provide basic geospatial operations like distance calculation, conversion of decimal coordinates to sexagesimal and vice versa, etc.

Advanced geospatial analysis for browsers and Node.js

A map tool with real-time collaboration

Open-source maps made for self-hosting