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Uhm, do you understand "gezellig"? Probeer Nederlands!

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What? Why? How?

At you can listen to radio and podcasts.

I wanted to create a web app to learn more about front-end frameworks. And at the office we wanted to automatically switch radio stations throughout the day. That problem needed to be solved... 😎
If you want to know more, I wrote 2 articles about it: "Creating a web app as side project" & "Updating my web app side project".

This is a static, pre-rendered web app made with βš›οΈ Preact.
Find out more on GitHub.

To @1tuner

1tuner home screen

What? Why? How?

At (Dutch) you can find the most popular podcasts and radio stations of the Netherlands.

For this experiment I wanted to find out more about static ("serverless") websites. Made with Eleventy, runs at Netlify and is fully automated by using Cloudflare Workers with triggers.
Read more in "Starting a static side project".

To @topzender

About me

Do you want to know more about me? 😳
Are you interested to see what kind of nerdy things I'm using? See /uses.

All information here is personal stuff. In my day-to-day job at Visual Reality ( I work as a web developer on websites, web apps and custom solutions for sports organizations.

There might be some more information about me if you search a bit more on this website... Or just contact me. πŸ˜‰